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Chapter 2

11:48 PM
CHAPTER 2 "Heh-heh-heh, if you already eat then it doesnt matter anymore. Ehhh, little boy, I Siok Tin Cu was not a fool. " ...
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Reviewed by Varan on 11:48 PM Rating: 5


9:52 PM
The King Of Sword RAW : http://adfoc.us/39103661165675
KOS RAW KOS RAW Reviewed by Varan on 9:52 PM Rating: 5

Hello Guys

9:46 PM
hello, this will be my first time translating something so i hope you guys will give me some breath ^^ for this first project i pick "...
Hello Guys Hello Guys Reviewed by Varan on 9:46 PM Rating: 5

Chapter 1

9:43 PM
ok here is the first chapter of "The King Of Sword" (i separate this chapter myself since there is no chapter in the original boo...
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Reviewed by Varan on 9:43 PM Rating: 5
Birthday of novel sanctuary Birthday of novel sanctuary Reviewed by Vie101010 on 11:21 PM Rating: 5
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